Past Exhibitions

Invisible Border of Memories

16 Jan - 20 Feb, 2021 | Art Project Gallery | Wong Chuk Hang | Hong Kong

Art Projects Gallery proudly presents works by Hong Kong artists Wong Sze Wai and Bethany Wong Ka Yi. The duo exhibition, titled “Invisible Border of Memories” reexamines the idea of “that has been” in the medium of painting, with a contemplative poetic approach.

Wong Sze Wai’s artistic practice addresses the themes of ruined land, to express the state between mortality and the diminishing lease of life. The ancient palimpsests’ paint and smear process initiates Sze Wai’s painting approach. The mottled texture in her painting expresses the elapse in time and the artist’s imagination. Exploring ruined land is part of Sze Wai’s practise, her artwork mostly depicting the subject matter of the ruined land in Hong Kong. She reexamines the idea of time and spaces, in the context of the subject with its adjacent objects, while questioning the realness of memories.

Bethany Wong Ka Yi discusses the incidents surrounding herself in a poetic manner. Depicting common daily objects like the kapok trees, plants and also the Lu-Ting Series, she metaphorized stories with different organic subject matters. The elements she depicted are selected from her methodologically collected archive of daily objects. In the Lu-Ting Series, Bethany investigates the Lu-Ting myth, which is allegorically regarded as the origin of Hong Kong People, and as metaphors to the social state in recent Hong Kong.

The duo exhibition will be held at Art Projects Gallery from 16 Jan – 20 Feb 2021.




黃嘉怡則將日常周遭的物與事,通過自身隱喻的手法,以詩意的方式來呈現她的作品。從繪畫木棉花、植物等的一些日常物,以至其近作--盧亭系列,均以自然形成的事物與現象,隱喻為故事主題 。她所描繪的題材,都源自她平日所收集的事物檔案。而盧亭系列則透過研究盧亭文化故事,探究香港人的歷史,從而隱喻一些香港近年的社會狀態。



24 Sep - 30 Oct, 2020 | 10 Chancery Lane Gallery | Central | Hong Kong

In this momentous year of 2020, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery is pleased to present HKFOREWORD20, an annual exhibition of curated artworks from 10 of Hong Kong’s most exciting recent art graduates. Now in its ninth year, the HKFOREWORD series, organized by 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, aims to actively promote a new generation of contemporary artists in Hong Kong from local and international universities offering art degree programs. Artists in the show are recent Bachelor’s or Master’s degree graduates from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University-School of Creative Media, Hong Kong Art School, The Academy of Visual Arts at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong and Goldsmiths, University of London.


Make _ art Not War [T/F]

11 Jul - 30 Aug, 2020 | Osage Gallery | Kwun Tong | Hong Kong

Against the backdrop of the global pandemic and local political unrest, we were able to rise above the unprecedented challenges we faced in preparation of our graduate show this year. It has been our greatest desire to share and celebrate the fruition of our 2-year research and
creative works to the public. We are grateful for our venue sponsor – Osage Art Foundation – for allowing us to make this happen at their renowned gallery space in the coming July. Also, a big thankyou to our all time supporter Professor Mayching Kao, without her generous Art Funds sponsorship, our show will not be as complete.
We are excited to announce “Make _ art Not War [T/F]” a group show of 4 MFA graduates from The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Iv Tsz Man Chan, Chang Yue Lam, Fung Hoi Shan and Wong Sze Wai. Our creative practices vary in different media, exploring themes ranging
from the problematic body, post-industrial society, human-animal relationships and the memory space, offering multiple layers of perspectives and possibilities of artistic creation.
Our show title is inspired by the famous 60s slogan “Make Love, Not War”. Presented with a twist – the dedication in art amidst chaos – we bring out the absurdity (or not) of our unwavering commitment towards art-making and our faith in its power.

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