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Wong Sze Wai


b. 1990, Hong Kong


Wong Sze Wai was born and raised in Hong Kong. She graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013 and Master of Fine Arts in 2020. She went to Shangri-la for further her studies in 2016 and participated in an artist residency in Bulgaria in 2018.


Wong’s work focus on the relationship between memory and imagination. Through using various daily objects found locally, such as blue and white tarpaulin, discarded fences, bricks and plastic chairs, are seen scattered around in the painting. They represent the past of human activities as well as the passing of time. Inspired by ancient mural art and Western painting masters, Wong uses mineral pigments, clay and other materials, adding onto the canvases layer by layer. The textures spawned from the dried clay magnify the paintings’ relationships of space and time that lead viewers to explore in a  further dimension.


She participated in exhibitions in Hong Kong, New York, Dubai and Europe, including: "Whisper in Stillness" (Solo Exhibition, Long Story Short NYC, 2024),  “Stone Stealer” (Solo Exhibition, Contemporary by Angela Li), “The Missing Operator” (Art Central Solo Project, Contemporary by Angela Li, 2022); groups shows: “Femalarity" (volery gallery, Dubai), “ Confluence of voices” (Artecal Foundation, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2023), “­­Celebrating 40 Years, Friends of Art Museum, CUHK” (Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery, Hong Kong, 2021), “Future of the Past” (Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong, 2021), “Invisible Border of Memories” (Art Projects Gallery, Hong Kong, 2021), “Shining Moment” (TANG Art Foundation, Hong Kong, 2021), “HKFOREWORD20” (10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong, 2020), “Make _ art Not War [T/F]” (Osage, Hong Kong, 2020), “Line In Motions – East meets West” (CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, 2018), “Word of Co. Open Studio Day” (Място 167, Bulgaria), “Elements - From Space to Space “(Palazzo Ca’Zanardi, Italy, 2017), Amsterdam Art Exhibition of CUHK AAFAA 2015 (Dokzaal, Amsterdam, 2015). 

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