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Group Exhibition| Femalarity

Volery gallery
Maze Tower, DIFC,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

26 Oct- 24 Nov,2023

From October 26 to November 14, 2023, Volery Gallery will be transformed into a realm of "Femalarity," an evocative exhibition showcasing the work of ten female Asian artists. Each artist, selected with precision, embodies a new generation of women's perspectives on art, intertwined seamlessly with their individual narratives on contemporary feminism. "Femalarity" is envisioned as a visual narrative, where the tapestry of modernity, identity, and female empowerment comes alive. This exhibition aims to encapsulate the evolution of feminism within contemporary spheres, emphasizing the individual experiences of the artists. It's a dialogue that interlaces past traditions with forward-thinking ideals, bridging the chasm between heritage and modern aspirations. Celebrating the richness and diversity of modern art, the exhibition underscores the individual styles, mediums, and stories of each artist, all rooted in their shared femininity and Asian heritage. At its core, "Femalarity" is a symphony of emotions. The artworks resonate with tales of empowerment, resilience, and introspection, establishing an emotional connection between the viewer and the art. The artists' evocative brushwork promises a rich canvas of colors and strokes, echoing a spectrum of emotions and allowing the viewers to immerse themselves fully, feeling the art rather than just seeing it. The intricate lines in their paintings symbolize the multifaceted nature of femininity, narrating tales of strength, vulnerability, love, and rebellion. Visitors to "Femalarity" will be enveloped in a world where art, culture, and feminism intersect, offering a unique platform to reflect, understand, and appreciate the prowess of contemporary female Asian artists. The gallery space promises to be more than just an art showcase—it's a statement, a celebration, and a beacon for the future of art and feminism. Through the keen vision of curator Matt Chung and the unparalleled talent of the featured artists, "Femalarity" at Volery Gallery aims to set a precedent in the world of art exhibitions, inspiring and evoking, while redefining the boundaries of art appreciation. Exhibiting Artists: Claire Chey Debbie Kim Estelle Tcha Haeji Min Hilarie Hon Kyungmin Lee Sonya Yufei Zhang Von Hyin Kolk Wong Sze Wai Yang Du

Group Exhibition| Art Central

22 Mar-25 Mar,2023

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