Current Exhibition

15 May - 17 Jun, 2021 | TANG Art Foundation| Wong Chuk Hang |

TANG Art Foundation is proud to announce the opening of “Shining Moment,” the group exhibition of Hong Kong artists, curated by renowned architect and art collector Mr. William Lim at our Wong Chuk Hang space. The exhibition consists of representational works by Ant Ngai Wing Lam, Kurt Chan, Chan Wai Lap, Cheng Hung, Szelit Cheung, Argus Fong, Stanley Shum Kwan Hon, Frank Tang, Wong Chun Hei, Wong Shun Yu, Wong Sze Wai, in order to explore the theme of light and space. Light, as the origin of vision, brings along shadows and space. The various wavelengths of light constitute the spectrum and thus colour and reflection. If an artist can express light freely, there will be great sense of colour, light and shadow and spatial arrangement. In this exhibition, numerous Hong Kong artists apply their own twist on the theme “shining moment”. Szelit Cheung is masterful in depicting the passage of light across spaces. Ant Ngai Wing Lam expresses either a sense of humor or solemnity with the illuminated characters; Frank Tang presents light realistically by creating movement through installation art; both Argus Fong and Cheng Hung manipulate the colours of shadow to create light; the exaggerated, intense contrast of light and darkness in Stanley’s paintings gives a liveliness that reflects the hustle and bustle of the city. As a city with scarce land, housing and private spaces are of utter importance to Hong Kong people. Nevertheless, we treasure open areas in the suburbs as much, especially during the epidemic and when we wish to escape from the hasty urban life. In response to this notion of space, Hong Kong artist show particular sensitivity to spatial arrangements in their works. For example, Kurt Chan is excellent at creating abstract space on his canvas, liberating from the constraints of physical space through lines, colors, light and shadow; Wong Shun Yu’s floral paintings present a space with natural warmth; the far-reaching wilderness in Wong Sze Wai’s works.

唐⼈藝術基⾦會榮幸宣佈於 5 ⽉15 ⽇於⿈⽵坑空間推出⾸個⾹港藝術家群展《光輝》,由著名建築師及收藏家林偉⽽ 策展,囊括蟻穎琳、陳育強、陳惠⽴、鄭虹、張施烈、⽅梓亮、沈軍翰、鄧啟耀、⿈進曦、⺩順瑜、⿈詩慧等⾹港藝術 家具代表性作品,探索光與空間的主題。 光,從來是視覺之本。有了光才會有陰影,繼⽽出現空間,波⻑不⼀的光譜給予我們⾊彩的維度與反射。藝術家能掌握 好如何表現光的⼿法的話,⾊感、明暗、空間感便會隨之⽽來。是次展覽中⼀眾⾹港藝術家對於「光輝」這個主題都有 著深刻的理解。張施烈擅於觀察光線在狹縫中對空間氣氛的作⽤;蟻穎琳以⼈物⾝上的光感表現出或詼諧、或肅穆的感 覺;鄧啟耀透過裝置藝術的動態呈現出逼真的光線;雖沒有明亮⾊彩,⽅梓亮及鄭虹畫中的明暗深淺,亦創作出光影; 沈軍翰的畫作中誇張、強烈的光暗與質感,予⼈的喧鬧感正好反映這座喧囂塵上的城市。 ⾹港作為⼀個⼨⾦尺⼟的城市,⼈們對於樓房與私⼈空間都⾮常著重,在疫情期間有機會的話,也總是往郊外空曠的地 ⽅踏⻘,呼吸放鬆,驅⾛來⾃於狹⼩空間的侷促。正因為對⽣活空間的認知與其他城市不⼀樣,⾹港藝術家對作品的空 間感呈現出異樣的敏感度,如陳育強擅⻑於畫布上營造抽象空間,脫離物理空間的限制⽽遊⾛於線條、顏⾊、光影間賦 予的空間感;⺩順瑜的花卉呈現出⾃然溫暖的空間;⿈詩慧筆下深遠的曠野、⿈進曦所仰望廣闊無限的天空、陳惠⽴⼿ 繪載滿⽇常回憶的紙上作品,都指涉時間的流逝與對記憶空間的盼待。

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